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Constitution of Sanstha

Constitution of Nutan Vidyalya, Selu

Registration No: F-11(P)

Nutan Vidyalya Shikshan Sanstha, Selu (Dist. Parbhani)

New Edited Constitution (After Cancellation of Previous One) Formed with the permission of all general members of the institution in a general meeting and as per instruction by Honorable Assistant Charity Commission, Parbhani Region dated on 02/06/2010, New Edited Constitution. This is the ‘New Edited Revised Constitution’ finalized with the permission of all General Members of the institution in a ‘Special Meeting’.


  • Institution: Present institute is entitled as ‘Nutan Vidyalya Shikshan Sanstha’, Selu, Tq. Selu Dist. Parbhani.
  • Main Office: Main office of this institute will be Selu, Dist. Parbhani
  • Definition:

►Institution means ‘Nutan Vidyalya Shikshan Shansthan, Selu’.

►Sub-institute consists- senior college, junior college, high-school, primary school, pre-primary school, sub-branches of the institute, hostels, research institute run by Nutan Vidyalya Shikshan Sanstha, Selu.

►Teacher means, ‘The person who is teaching in the institution’.

►Patron means ‘ The Person who donates minimum Rs.25000/ or more than it to the institute’.

►Well-wisher means, ; The person who donates minimum Rs.10000 or more than it to the institute.’

►General member means ‘The person who donates Rs.5000/-in one stroke to the institute.’

  • Tips:
    • For the membership of the institute, individual needs to apply in a specific format described by the institute. If this membership form is rejected by the Managing Body, it does not require explaining the reason.
    • The person, who denotes the scholarship or other donation with a specific purpose, can’t claim for the membership. If he/she wants to become the member, needs to follow all the rules and regulations of the institute for the membership.
    • Patrons, well-wishers and special members will remain same till the applying the newly edited constitution. Absentee in the continuous three meeting will be the cause of cancellation of the membership. If there is any genuine reason for these absences, Managing Body can take proper decision.
    • Honorary member means the person who is ready to work for the development of the institute voluntary. But condition is the approval/permission of the Managing Body for his honorary membership. Maximum numbers of these members are three only.
    • Election means ‘Concealed voting as per norms decided by the managing body’.


  • Annual Year: 
    April to March will be the ‘Financial Academic Annual Year’ of the institute or as per change declared by the Government.
  • Administrative Committee: 
    All the administrative work will be completed by the following committees, to run the institute smoothly:

    General Committee:

    Authority and Responsibly of the General Members:

    • General Committee
    • Managing Body
    • Schooling Committee
    • Local Administrative Committee of the College And Other necessary Committees
    • Patrons, Well-wishers, General Schooling Committee Members and members of Local Administrative Committees of the college will be the part of General Committee (but the schooling committee members and local administrative members of the college have no voting rights in the election)
    • One President, one Vice-president, 13 members of Managing Committee will be selected through election, after every five years, on the majority basis in the General Meeting. (Term – candidate should not be a part of teaching.)
    • If the post of President avails vacant before the time (5years), vice-president will work as a President; but it should be fulfilled within three months of the vacant time.
    • Accept the financial praposal of the next year, check the report of last year’s financial transactions, and approve the analyazed praposal of the next year submitted by the mManaging Body, presented in the Annual General Meeting.
    • Selection of the President, Vice - president and Working Body, after every five years through election.
    • Define the General Policies of the Institute.
    • To open the new branches of the institute, to connect any other branches with the running institute, merge any running branch with other institute as well as merge those institutes which are having similar objective of our institute.
    • General committee will be the ‘Top Level Management’ of the institute.
      If there is any dispute or problem occurred in Managing Body or any other committee, General Committee has rights to solve theses problem and take the final decision on it.


  • Meetings of the General Body:
    • Annual meeting of the general body will be held upto the end of September per annum.
    • Minimum numbers of required members in the General Meeting are 25 to precede the work of General Meeting. If there is lacking of minimum required numbers, after half- an- hour of giving time, work will be continued but discusion on those topics only which is explained in the agenda, no matter, how many mambers are present for the meeting..
    • The notice of the meeting will be send to the members at least 7 days before the meeting. Notice must be the covering of all the points i.e. time, venue, day, date and topic to be discussed in the meeting. If any one of the members could not get the notice, he can’t claim on the decision taken by the present members in the meeting.
    • If 15 members submit application in the written format to call the special urgent meeting, it should be conduct and only those points will be discussed which are given in the application.


  • Managing Body:
    • Working body consists of 23 members who include 6 teachers’ representative and 15 General Members (other than Teachers, Patrons, Well- wishers, General Body members, through election).
    • Six teachers representative will be elected on the following basis:
      • A] Principals of the college, two teachers amongst the permanent teachers of college (one from senior and one from junior).
      • B] Head Master of the school and two amongst the permanent teachers of the school (one from Nutan Vidyalaya and from Nutan Kanya School). But head-master will be appointed by the Managing Body.
    • President and Vice-precedent of General Body will be the president and vice-president of the Managing Body.
    • The time span of Managing Body is of 5 years only.
    • If any post/seat will be vacant before time span
      • General Members should fulfill it in the next Annual Meetings.
      • Concern voters (school/college) must need to fulfill this vacancy in the next aAnnual Meeting.
    • Managing Body will select one Secretary and one or more sub-secretary among them.
    • If the post of the secretary is vacant before 5 years, president can select any one among the sub-secretary
    • President can select vice- president in case of vacancy before 3 years but after the three months of the vacancy, formal election of the secretary will be conducted for the New Secretary.
    • The decision will be taken on the majority base by the Managing body and it will be the final decision.


  • Authorities and Responsibilities of the Managing Body:
    • To call the Annual Meeting of General Body upto the end of September per year.
    • To increase the number of well - wishers, Patrons, General Members of the institution.
    • To check the annual report and financial transactions of the institute and fund for the permission.
    • To appoint the accountants to check the financial status of the institute and define their remembrance.
    • To take care of the wealth of institutes, try to increase the wealth as well as utilization of the wealth for the development of the institute.
    • All the wealth and finance of the institute will be the property of institute. No member of the institute can claim personally for this property. But all the rights will be given to the Managing body to utilize this wealth for the development of the institute.
    • All funds denoted to the institute in nature of donation, subscription, grant, lease/exchange, scholarship etc. must be under control and should be utilized by the Managing body under their rights.
    • To decide the fees, concesion in fees, to decide the holidays as per necessity.
    • Estimate for the sanction to be Submitted (by sub-branches of the institute) in the General Meeting.
    • Solve all the queries and problems suggested by all the branches(main and Sub-branches).
    • To take necessary action for the stability of the institute.
    • To permit finance more than sanctioned estimate but the explaination of extra necessary finance should be explained with legal reasons in the General Meeting.
    • To appoint the lawyer as an Advisor of institute and define his/her remuneration.
    • Define the norms of the institute to achieve the goals.
    • To appoint advisory committed, enquiry committed and many more for the welfare of the institution.
    • To avail the finance on loan basis, on the wealth or without wealth as per the requirement of the institution.
    • To appoint the employees, to increase service, to fine or to terminateh employee form the service as per the norms declared by University Grant Commission for both i.e. the granted/non granted basis appointment (for all branches ) as per situation.
    • Selection of the representative of Managing Body members for the Local College Administrative Committee, Schooling Committee etc. as per the norms and regulation of UGC and Government and High School Education Commision1981 and one secretary should be there for each committee.
      • To take legislative action against the Employee whose any work /activity is harmful for the development of the institute or those who does not follow the norms and rules of the institution.
      • If any member of the institute behave against the norms and rules of the institution, Managing Committee should appoint the ‘Inquiry-Committee’, consisting one member from Managing Body, Two members from General Body; this inquiry committee needs to investigate the matter and submit their report to the Managing Body and Managing body will recommends it in the General Body and decision of General Body will be the final one.


  • Meeting of Managing Body:
    • There will be four meetings of Managing body in a year.
    • Information to the members for the emergency meeting will be atleast one day before and for other meetings at-least three days before, through notice with the details in agenda.
    • None of the topic rather than agenda should be discussed in the meeting without the permission of President.
    • Minimum 11 members are necessary to be present to precede the called meeting.
    • If meeting is cancelled due to lacking of minimum required numbers i.e 11, after half- an - hour of prescribed time, it will be started at the same venue to discuss the points mentioned in the agenda, no matter how many members are Present.
    • In the absence of President, Vice-president will be the President of meeting and in the absence of both; present members will select President and precede the work of meeting.
    • Decision will be taken on the majority basis; in case of equal voting, the vote the President will be added to get final result.
    • Secretary have individual rights (with the permission of President or on the recommendation three or more than three members of Managing Body) to call the special meeting of Managing Body and can inform one day before only to all members.
    • Minor proposal can be sanctioned by the Secretary through circular which he can send to all members. These proposals can be finalized on the majority basis. Such proposal should be noted in ‘Register of Meeting’ and confirmed during the upcoming Managing Body Members’ meeting.
    • Following members can be called by the Managing body in the meeting.
      • The person who is Expert/Chief of all sub-branches of Managing Body, hiefs of other sub-branches.
      • One teacher representative of each sub - branches.
      • One or two expert who can give suggestion in Technical or Special Topic.


  • SCHOOLING COMMITTEE:Structure and activities of the schooling committee will be as per norms of the Education Commission.
    College Local Administrative Committee:
    The work of College Local Committee will be defined as per the norms of Maharashtra Government Act and University Act ( time- to- time the update of norms to be followed).

    Authority and Responsibilities of the President:

    • To lead as the President of the Managing Body Meeting and General Meetings.
    • To lead as the President of School and College committee or with the permission of Managing Body, appoint his representative for various committees.
      • As per requirement, call the ‘Special Meeting’ of General Body and managing body through secretary.
      • To decide the immediate policies of the institutional rights and explain it in the next meeting of Managing Body.
      • Give final opinion, maintain the discipline and peace in the meetings.
  • Vice -President will take care of all tasks of the President in his absence.
  • Work as the Institutional representative in various Government and University matters or appoint a representative of the Institution for the Government and University task.
  • If the post of secretary is avail vacant before the time (5years), any one of the sub-secretary will work as a secretary declared by the President upto the legal appointment of the new secretary.


  • Authority and Responsibilities Secretary:
    • To call the meeting with agenda of the General and Managing Body members.
    • Note down the report of all meetings at the end of meeting and present in the next meeting for permission.
    • To call the meeting of General Body or Managing Body on the basis of written instruction of the President or written application of 03 members of Managing Body or 15 members of General Body.
    • Implementation of the proposal sanctioned by the Managing Body or General Body.
    • Keep Record and respond to all written communication of the institution as the representative of the institution.
    • To represent himself as a legislative authority of the institute as well as to sign on the legal documents of the institute.
    • To keep watch on the sub-branches of the institute and main institute where ever necessary.
    • To ask for the sanction of the estimate of all the sub-branches of institute in General Meetings or in the meeting of Managing Body and to expense it as per sanctioned final estimate.
    • To submit all the financial matters and transiction of the sub-branches of institute .
    • To keep financial record of institute and control all the financial matters and transiction of allsub-branches run by the institute
    • He can expense maximum Rs/-10000 other than sanctioned estimate and can explain and demand for the sanction of it in the upcoming meeting of Managing Body.
    • To provide revenues’ receipt of the institute.
    • To call the report, proposal of all sub-branches of the institute and present it in the meeting for sanction.
    • To work as an Ex-officio to represent the Managing Body’s on Schooling and College Committees.
    • He can permit for the special holiday ( at least maximum three day) to sub-branches of the institute for special/genuine reason.
    • Attention of Managing Body on the special work and development of the institute.
    • To keep, maintain and update all the records of the institute and submit all these to General members with the updates and details of the Managing Body.
    • To enquire the matters of dispute of employee among the various branches and sub- branches of the institute which claims against the decision of the institute and he can recommend it to the Managing Body.
    • To keep watch on all the work of institute ‘as all the tasks are going to be run smoothly’ as per the norms of the constitution or not.
    • Sub- secretary will take care of all the tasks of Secretary in the absence of Secretary and even in his presence complete the task, asked by the secretary.
    • If the decision taken by the Managing Body seems to be harmful for the institutional development, Secretary can have rights to ask for stay on it with the prior permission of the President and he can call urgent meeting of Managing Body and discuss on the problem with them for the suggestion and the result of this decision will considered as the final decision.
    • To maintain the proper co-operation and co-ordination among all committees, main branche and sub-branches of the institute.
    • To submit the Common, Social, Educational etc. problems/questions with the permission of President and Managing Body to the Government. and Concern Department as a representative of the institute.


  • Authority and responsibilities of Principal
    • Principal will be the Chief of college and appointed as per the UGC norms.
    • Principal’s rights are as per the norms of Government of Maharashtra University
  • Authority and Responsibilities of the Head Master:
    • Headmaster will be the head of school.
    • Head master will be appointed by the Managing body of the institute as per the norms of Education Commission
  • Change in the Constitution:
    • The change in the constitution or cancellation of any point in the constitution can be made by the Managing Body only.
    • This change of constitution will be made on the majority basis (atleast minimum 2/3) in the Special Meeting called for the same purpose only.


  • Others
    • Any decision, any point, any provision or any change in the constitution which has been finalised for the wellfare of the institute cannot be called illegal due to the technical error/mistake.
    • Rights to decide and finilize the norms, acts of the constitute , with the concern of previous rules and regulation to the institute are reserved to Managing Body but permitted by the General Body.