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Aims and Objectives of Sanstha

Aims and objects:

  • To Establish, run, manage, supervise and control constituent units imparting to the youths and adults of pre-primary, primary, Secondary and Higher Education as well as Teachers Education, Social Education, Physical Education etc. in order to meet the Educational needs of the Nation and thereby to strive the intellectual, physical and moral development of the students.

  • To encourage for research in the Educational problems, teaching-learning process.
  • To make provision for Industrial and Agricultural Education and thereby to strive for increasing the productive efficiency of the citizens.
  • To make aware the students about their responsibilities and create a secular citizen of the democratic country.
  • To establish and manage Hostels for students.
  • For smooth conducting the financial affairs of Sanstha, it will raise funds; collect subscriptions and donations and gifts.

Measures adopted for achieving the aims and objects of the Sanstha.

In order to achieve these aims and objects, the Sanstha has established, Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary and college units during the last 60 years and it has strived for raising standard of education at various levels. In order to get an idea of our march towards “Pursuit of Excellence” during the last six decades we have named them as under:

  • First Decade of Struggle 1939-1948
  • Second Decade of Change 1949-1958.
  • Third Decade of Social and Cultural awareness 1959-1968
  • Fourth Decade of Expansion 1969-1978.
  • Fifth Decade of Quality Improvement 1979-1998.
  • Sixth Decade of Pursuit an excellence 1989-1999.
  • Seventh Decade of Distinction in Achievements 2000-2010
  • Eight Decade of adoption new technology 2010- onwards