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About Us

This Sanstha was inspired by late Swami Ramanand Teerth, the Leader of Hyderabad freedom Movement and Ex-M.P. who impart training to freedom fighters of the region and it was run as National School to impart instruction to students in their mother tongue i.e. Marathi. Hyderabad freedom movement was part and parcel of National freedom movement and it was people’s movement, in the princely state freedom struggle of Hyderabad.

After attaining the freedom, this school with the inspiration of Swamiji, was expanded and committed to social responsibility and restructure of the nation and its development. The school was converted into an Education Society (i.e. Sanstha) after its expansion.

This Sanstha has actively participated in the activities and development schemes of national building i.e. National Relief Fund to help displaced people and National Calamities, Tree Plantation Programme (Vana Mahostava), Mahatma Gandhi Birth centenary celebrations, especially in rural areas and eradication of illiteracy.

Teachers, parents, students, alumni gatherings were arranged for the establishment and living contact with them and also developed the second line of leadership.

Late Shriramji Bhangdiya who served as President /Secretary of the Sanstha for the period of more than 25 years, was honoured by the Govt. of Maharashtra as "Dalit Mitra" by the hands of Vice-President of India. Therefore apt word for him is, 'Architect of the Sanstha.'